icon-quotesI want to express my appreciation for the quality of work your team delivers. The areas serviced by CleanSmart reflect the high quality of products our employees deliver to our clients. In my management of three other plants, I have never found a provider delivering consistent daily quality until CleanSmart came on board.icon-quotes2

Manufacturing Manager - Pennsylvania

Why Choose CleanSmart?

With over 25 years of experience, CleanSmart, has been providing it’s customers with effective, efficient, and high standard custodial services. The outstanding customer service CleanSmart offers can only be provided with consistent owner involvement and continuous attention to detail. We understand the importance of keeping your business looking professional for your customers and morale of your company culture. This is why CleanSmart wants to dedicate ourselves to helping you build and maintain such an image. We are committed to working harder and going above our contracted specifications to ensure we contribute to your success. Our values reflect our desire to provide maximum benefits for our clients and employees. Our most important value is the relationships we build with our customers. Therefore, we pride ourselves on safety, continuous improvement, employee retention and our prestigious business memberships. Valuing the cleaning industry, CleanSmart invests in modern equipment and technology to keep up with cleaning and sanitization innovation. This allows us to reduce our labor costs and provide more productivity and pass the savings to our customers.

  • Business Memberships
  • Relationships we build with our Customers
  • We work with our clients to contribute to their success.
  • We behave ethically, acting with integrity and respect.
  • We share knowledge with our customers to deliver professional success.
  • Advanced Equipment and Safety ALWAYS 1st
  • Equal Pay and Certified Training
  • Implement Strategies and Build on Principles to reduce Employee Retention
  • Continuous Improvement

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