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When making your to-do list for “Fun Things to Do This Summer,” odds are “keeping my house clean” isn’t one of them. And who can blame you? Your mind is fixated on summer barbecues, poolside suntans and Fourth of July fireworks. Keeping your windows spotless and streak-free? Not so much. However, with all of our summer social engagements stacking up alongside one another, automating mundane (but mandatory) tasks, such as keeping your home clean, can help you spend less time cleaning up and more time soaking up those sweet summer rays.

Here are some tips to consider:

1.      Keep That Shower Clean: Maybe your family spends the summer lounging in Smith Mountain Lake or taking a dip in a nearby pool. All of those trips in and out of the water means more showers throughout the day. And unless they spend the entire day in the shade beneath an umbrella, they’re probably going to be rinsing off sand, dirt, lake water and/or chlorine. All of that summertime shower traffic can cause your tile to get grubby real quick. Give your shower a quick spray with a heavy-duty cleaner and spray it down so that soap scum doesn’t have a chance to manifest. Or if you’re feeling fancy, invest in an automatic shower cleaner to do your dirty work for you.

2.      Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Summers in the South are known for their humidity, which causes mirrors to glaze over with a gunky film. Keep some window cleaning wipes underneath your sink and give that mirror a showroom shine with a couple of swipes.

3.      Step on It: One of the joys of summer is spending time outdoors. However, activities like mowing the lawn or digging in the garden can cause us to track in grass, dirt and mud. Invest in a high-quality door mat at every entrance of your home and in high-traffic areas inside as well.

4.      Think Ahead: Now’s the time to begin thinking about cold weather maintenance. It may seem counterintuitive, but better now than when that first ice storm hits. Schedule a local professional to check up on your HVAC so you don’t have to wait in line during October with the rest of the procrastinators.

Above all, remember to stay safe this season and enjoy time with friends and family. And if the thought of summertime cleaning seems stressful a midst all of your social activities, then call the professionals at CleanSmart, LLC for a free estimate.

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If you own your own business, then you’re used to crunching the numbers to find the most effective, efficient way to solve a problem. Keeping your office clean is just as important for your bottom line as the product or service that you provide. A clean, healthy work environment fosters happy employees. Happy employees work harder. And the harder your employees work, the more profit you create. And while it may be tempting to keep the janitorial duties of your business in house, in reality you may be losing money without even realizing it.

Chances are you didn’t hire your staff based upon their cleaning skills. Asking them to take on tasks such as keeping the bathrooms and common areas clean might not yield the best results. Besides, they make you money by doing the job that you hired them to do. Scrubbing soap scum from a sink or making sure the soap dispensers are functioning might not be on their priority list.

By hiring a team of janitorial specialists, such as the team from CleanSmart, you’re investing in the health and longevity of your employees and your business. Our team knows which solutions to use on specific surfaces. We know how to properly handle cleaning supplies to ensure that everyone is safe and that no toxic fumes are released into the work environment. In short, we’re so good at what we do that you hardly notice that we’re there. Our only trail is an immaculately cleaned work environment that you soon become accustomed to.


Call CleanSmart, LLC today for a free customized quote at 1.800.839.6026 or visit us online at www.CleanSmartLLC.com

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You stare longingly out your office window, hoping that this afternoon thunderstorm breezes by quickly so that you can make it to Smith Mountain Lake in enough time to get in a few quick wake boarding sessions before sundown. The last thing on your mind is making sure your office is clean. But just as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure and protecting your investment via safe summer cleaning practices is just good business.

Keep an eye on your outdoor lighting fixtures. Take them apart and wipe off any dust, pollen and debris (plus those pesky insects love congregating around that bright light.) While we’re outside, turn your attention to the exterior of your building. It may be time to schedule a pressure washing.

Pay close attention to your walkways. Are there any boards that need to be replaced or nails sticking up that could cause damage? Are there chips in your concrete that might cause someone to trip? You’ll want to ensure that your walkway is as safe as it is clean.

And while you’re daydreaming out your office window, check to see if it needs cleaning. Those afternoon thunderstorms can throw all kinds of dirt and debris on your window, not to mention little surprises by our featured friends.

It may be tempting to try to do all of this yourself. However, scaling high surfaces to clean windows or clean out gutters can be dangerous. Consider calling the professionals at CleanSmart, LLC to take care of all of your summer cleaning needs. Our team is educated on the safest, most effective solutions to use to clean a variety of surfaces. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to complete the job safely and quickly, saving you time and money.


For a free custom quote, call 1.800.839.6026 or visit us online at www.CleanSmartLLC.com.

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We’ve stated it before, but it bears repeating. At CleanSmart, we take safety seriously. Our customers appreciate the extra detail we put in to ensuring that all employees are safe. Clear, concise communication is key so that everyone knows exactly how to prevent accidents from occurring.

In an effort to prevent cross-contamination, we recently designed flyers speaking specifically to our employees as to the specific cleaning products to use when cleaning restrooms and how to discard of them properly. These flyers will be posted in visible areas, giving our staff ample opportunities to review the correct procedure.


This is just another example of how CleanSmart goes the extra-mile to ensure safety.

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Spring weather brings about an energizing feeling of being productive. We get excited about previously shunned tasks, like window washing and dusting, for favor of a freshened up home. But before you grab a mop and bucket, sit down and make a list of what you’d like to accomplish. Set realistic goals and take it easy on yourself. Consider tackling the things that absolutely drive you crazy, like cluttered junk drawers and closets, and chip away at your list whenever you have the time. If your list is overwhelming, consider hiring a professional cleaning company, such as CleanSmart, LLC., to help you with your cleaning needs.

For a full list of our services, as well as photos of our work and customer testimonials, go to www.CleanSmartLLC.com.

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Even though the snow falling from the sky begs to differ, it is officially spring. Daffodils, tulips and various springtime flowers are beginning to emerge bringing with them gorgeous bright colors, thoughts of afternoon picnics on the Blue Ridge Parkway…and fabulous seasonal allergies.

If you suffer from springtime allergies, take a look at this list. You’ll find some helpful tips to keep your rapid-fire sneezing to a minimum.


At Work:

  • If your employer is up for it, ask them if they’d be willing to remove or replace any old, worn down carpet from your office or cubicle.
  • Keep soft items, like pillows, out of your office. They absorb allergens.
  • Check to see if there is any water damage in your office. Mold likes to hang out around stagnant water.
  • Pay attention to the weather. If the pollen count looks high, consider scheduling outings toward the end of the day instead of the morning. Pollen counts are highest in the morning.





At Home:

  • Remember to sweep your entryway and porches so that dust and pollen don’t get tracked in.
  • Clean your bathroom regularly so that mold doesn’t have a chance to grow.
  • Use fragrance-free products. Scented cleaners and air fresheners may trigger your allergies.
  • Keep your clutter to a minimum. Piles of boxes and clothes hide dust mites and other allergens. 





Source: “Housecleaning Tips to Ease Allergies,” WebMD.com

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When you are shopping around for a commercial cleaning company, take a moment to inquire about how their employees are trained.

We all know the basics of keeping a clean environment. But the tactics you use for casual cleaning at home cannot be duplicated in a professional setting. It’s not uncommon for someone to grab a mop and a bucket and call themselves a “cleaning company.”

Does your professional cleaner use the same dirty water to wring out their mop when cleaning your floors? Do they use the same cleaning cloth to clean the bathroom as the kitchen? Are they bonded, licensed and insured?

We’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of safety and how CleanSmart goes the extra mile to ensure that all employees follow OSHA regulations. However, our extensive industry experience affords us the advantage of knowing how to do our job in the most efficient manner possible while achieving maximum results.

We know not to use dirty water to mop a floor. Our equipment separates the used water from the fresh water.

Take the time to research your commercial cleaning company. Ask to see their equipment. Make sure they know current OSHA requirements. And don’t be afraid to ask for references.

For a free, customized quote from a professional cleaning company, call CleanSmart, LLC.

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Many businesses choose commercial carpet as their floor covering of choice. One of the biggest compliments of commercial carpet is that it hides wear and tear much better than a hardwood or a laminate...which is a blessing in disguise.

Carpet does a great job at hiding stains because it’s made of a fibrous material. That means that it soaks up anything that it comes in contact with...including bacteria. Additionally, an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to cleaning your carpet can do you more harm than good. A poorly cleaned carpet can cause a host of health problems including headaches, watery eyes and asthma attacks.

The first step in keeping these issues at bay is making sure you have your carpet regularly cleaned. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter. If you are using a professional cleaning company, ask to see the equipment they will be using in your facility.

Secondly, schedule a regular deep carpet cleaning to get all of those bits and pieces out of the embedded carpet fibers. You can rent a commercial cleaning unit, but we recommend calling a professional.

Invest in solid rubber mats and place them in the doorways so that your employees and guests can wipe their feet before entering your building.

And lastly, replace your old carpeting. If the stains aren’t coming out and the smells aren’t going away, then it’s time. Bear in mind that new carpet can also stimulate respiratory issues akin to allergic reactions (due to the chemicals used when installing) so try to schedule your installations during a period of time when the building will be empty.

For a free customized quote for carpet cleaning, call CleanSmart, LLC.

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We focus a lot of our efforts on making sure that the inside of our homes are clean, but what about the exterior?

Here are a few tips to keep up your curb appeal as we slip into the spring season:

  • Walk around your home and do a simple status check. Are there any holes in your window screens? Are you missing any shingles? How’s that chimney looking? While you’re up there, check your gutters and your downspouts.
  • Rake up any leaves or yard debris so that your grass can enjoy the warmth of the sun as well.
  • If you have fences, check for holes and other seasonal damage. Now that the temperature is getting warmer, kids and pets are going to be outside more. Keep them safe by making sure that your fence is up to par.
  • As much as you’ve been dreading it, it’s time to clean your windows. Besides, what good is a sunny day if you have to peer through one tiny clean spot to enjoy it? Start with the outside then move indoors. And dust your blinds while you’re at it. (But do that before you clean the inside window. Otherwise your streak-free shine will be inundated with tiny flecks of dust.)

If it all seems overwhelming, then call a professional cleaning company, like CleanSmart, LLC, to do your dirty work for you. We offer free customized quotes, quality services and outstanding results.

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Even though most of our area is digging out from yet another winter storm, images of spring are starting to blanket our psyche. Stores are setting up Easter displays. Home and garden departments are trading in shovels and sleds for trowels and seedlings. And you’re probably looking around your house thinking that it’s time for a spring polish.

Where do you start? There are so many rooms. So much to dust. Remnants of the holidays are still hiding on random bookcases and mantles. It can be overwhelming, and you might even think about climbing back in bed. But before you do, let’s work on some baby steps to brighten up your mood.

Cleaning, in and of itself, is multipurpose. Aside from keeping your home tidy, it’s exercise. And if you’re still snacking on leftover Valentine’s candy, then breaking a sweat might not be such a bad thing. Plus exercise naturally releases endorphins, which makes your brain happy.

Clutter can also cause depression and anxiety. Donate unused items to charity. Toss out stuff that you haven’t touched in months. A bright, open space is more welcoming. Climbing over piles of abandoned toys is not.

And finally, introduce some aromatherapy into your routine to help get you in the cleaning spirit. Lavender is a popular choice due to its calming effect, but don’t discount other scents that have an energizing effect, such as peppermint and tangerine.

Still not in the mood to clean? Then call CleanSmart, LLC for a free customized quote.

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Keeping up to date on OSHA regulations is an important part of our job. Recently, OSHA released their revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to more closely match regulations being used internationally. Definitions of safety hazards will be defined more clearly and a new standardized labeling system (complete with pictographs) will also be introduced.

Employers are required to educate their staff on this new process in a series of phases with the absolute final deadline of June 2016.

Providing a safe work environment is a non-negotiable at CleanSmart, LLC. Knowing which chemicals to use in specific situations is not something we reserve for “on-the-job” training. Poor managerial skills lead to an unsafe environment for our customers.

This is another example of why choosing a professional cleaning company for your sanitation and janitorial needs is just so important. We’re not showing up with a mop, a bucket and a gallon of bleach. Our staff is trained on which cleaning solutions work best for the situation at hand. We also use the absolute best in cleaning equipment, which allows us to clean more efficiently.

Does your cleaning company know the new OSHA regulations? We do.

Call today for your free customized quote.

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The winter of 2013-2014 has been one of the coldest that Southwest Virginia has seen in quite some time. And last week’s impressive accumulation of snow was enough to have us all singing the winter blues.

Even though we have our fingers crossed that Jack Frost is gearing up for a graceful exit, there’s always the possibility that a winter storm of some sort will hit our area right when we least expect it. Prepping our homes for a major winter storm seems routine, but business owners should also put careful consideration into ensuring that the workplace is well taken care of after a winter storm hits.

Here are some tips to consider:

    1. Slippery When Wet: There’s snow everywhere, so naturally your workers are going to track it inside. Make sure that you have plenty of rubber floor mats in and around high-traffic areas so that workers can wipe the snow from their shoes. Utilize wet floor signs so that workers can take extra precaution in messy areas.
    2. Say No To Snow: It may seem like common sense, but make sure to keep your parking lot and entryways clear of snow. Check high-traffic areas frequently and clean up any puddles that pool up in common areas.
    3. The Boots Are Made For Working: Encourage your employees to wear snow appropriate footwear, like boots. Dress shoes and heels increase the chances of injury.
    4. Bring In The Pros: Hiring a professional cleaning company, like CleanSmart, LLC, will allow you to focus on running your business. Our staff is trained to spot and fix problem areas before you’ve even finished your morning coffee.

And if you’re anticipating a storm, keep a watchful eye on the weather and make sure your employees are safe. Snow accumulates quickly and trying to squeeze in that extra hour of work might prove to be a dangerous gamble once driving conditions worsen. Power off, drive safe, and spend the rest of the day building an epic snow fort. Work will be waiting for you tomorrow.

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CleanSmart, LLC takes your safety seriously, and safety extends well past our chosen cleaning solutions.  Having a professionally-trained, trustworthy staff is paramount in providing an excellent customer experience.  We perform background checks on each and every employee and will only hire those who meet the highest ethical standards.  All employees are easy to identify by means of mandatory CleanSmart uniforms and clearly marked vehicles.

To learn more about the professionals at CleanSmart, LLC, call 1-800-839-6026 or visit us online at www.CleansmartLLC.com.

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Whether you’re completing a commercial or residential renovation, cleaning up after the project has been completed is a hefty task.  Consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of cleaning up the work area.  A professional janitorial service provider, like CleanSmart, will know the safest way to take care of leftover debris.  Materials will be disposed of properly and will adhere to all safety codes and regulations.  Finally, a professional cleaning company will have the proper tools and cleaning solutions to take care of any spills or messes on a variety of surfaces including hardwood, carpet and ceramic tile.

For more information, call CleanSmart today at 1-800-839-6026 or visit our site at www.CleanSmart.com.

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Business owners wear a multitude of hats.  From payroll to human resources, marketing director to customer service representative, entrepreneurs must employ a variety of skills in order to keep business flowing. 

Minding the bottom line is an imperative task for any business owner, and hiring a commercial cleaning company may seem like an unnecessary expense.  After all, you clean your own home.  How hard can it be to keep your office clean as well? 

Despite your best intentions, you may very well find that serving as your own cleaning crew will prove to be a costly venture.  If you’re cleaning your office, you’re not running your business or managing your employees.  And unless you have a substantial background in janitorial services, you might not know the best, and safest, methods for keeping your workplace clean.

If time truly is money, then consider hiring a commercial cleaning company like CleanSmart to handle your custodial needs. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you’re putting the well-being of your employees and your business in the top spot. 

CleanSmart’s focus is creating a clean, safe work environment for you and your employees.  Our experience allows us to identify problem areas that the untrained eye may overlook.  Our cleaning solutions are both safe and effective.  And our system of quality control and communication allows our crews to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Once you add up the time that you could be saving  by outsourcing your company cleaning, you’ll see how much time you could be saving by hiring a commercial cleaning company.  Call CleanSmart today for a custom quote at 1-800-839-6026 or visit www.CleansmartLLC.com.

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Quality control is the crux of CleanSmart’s exceptional customer service.  We want to provide our customers with the highest level of service combined with efficiency and flawless communication.

That is why CleanSmart has teamed up with the professionals at CleanTelligent.

CleanTelligent is robust quality control software designed especially for helping janitorial companies manage projects in an efficient manner. Customers can log in 24/7 to see the status of open projects, add notes to existing jobs, or even upload photos of areas that need to be serviced.  CleanTelligent allows our staff to track time spent on each project, manage materials used, and communicate one-on-one with the customers without disrupting workflow.

If the customer sees something that needs to be addressed promptly, they can log into CleanTelligent (using their personal username and password) and submit a request to CleanSmart.  Alerts are immediately sent to our staff (by email and/or text) so that a representative can be dispatched to fix the problem.

CleanSmart takes immense pride in customer service that begins, and ends, with strong communication. Our use of the Clean Telligent software program allows us to maintain strong relationships with our clients while delivering work in a safe, efficient, and economic matter.

For more information on CleanSmart, LLC and to schedule your free estimate, visit www.cleansmartllc.com or call 1-800-839-6026.

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Your office is your second home. Chances are, your workstation or desk is sprinkled with photos of loved ones, mementos from previous vacations, and takeout menus from your favorite local eateries.  As a matter of fact, you may very well spend more waking hours at work that you do at you own house, which is why it’s just as important to keep your workplace just as clean as you would your home.

It may seem counterintuitive to think of any cleaning practice as “dirty.”  However, at CleanSmart we take every precaution to make sure that your work environment is free of harmful bacteria that could possibly cause you to become sick. Or even worse-carry that bacteria home to your family.

Take mop water for example: CleanSmart employs equipment that allows the dirty water from the mop to be housed in a separate compartment away from the clean mop water.  It seems like a small step, but in reality, it’s a big one. CleanSmart also makes sure that the rags used to clean door handles are not the same ones used to clean sinks. Practices such as making sure that harsh chemicals are not sprayed into the air are examples of what CleanSmart takes pride in. We want to create a more enjoyable work space for everyone!

CleanSmart goes the extra step in making sure that your workplace is both clean and safe, and it goes beyond the materials that we keep in our carts.  Continuing education, industry research, and strong communication skills are just a few of the practices that set CleanSmart apart from its competitors.

Our staff members are identifiable. Each CleanSmart team member has a designated uniform. We also require background checks and employ thorough screenings so that only top quality members become a part of our team.


For more information on CleanSmart, LLC and to request your free estimate, visit www.cleansmartllc.com or call 1-800-839-6026.

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 Competitor Cleaning Cart

CleanSmart Cleaning Cart

Janitorial carts are the closest area other than the janitor’s closet that janitors have to a workspace. Carts are also the most visible piece of equipment that most building occupants will see. Not only do the cleaning carts have to provide adequate storage for the supplies needed to stock restrooms and other areas, but they also have to hold cleaning chemical bottles and a mop bucket, along with other equipment and supplies.


“A housekeeping cart is the workstation, the office and the assembly line, and it has a huge impact on overall productivity of the housekeeper,” says Julie Sullivan.


Carts should be big enough to hold everything necessary for a worker to do his or her job without having to make unnecessary trips to the janitor’s closet to restock items, yet maneuverable for workers of any size. Since the carts are often in plain sight in hallways and doorways, they should reflect professionalism, cleanliness and OSHA standards at all times.


“What is perception versus reality? Perception does not become reality until you have clear visibility,” says Julie.  CleanSmart has provided one of their cleaning carts for comparison versus a competitor. The photo comparison is a clear example of "perception versus reality."


“Since carts are so visible to the public, janitors should be trained to keep them tidy. Without question, a messy cart is going to deliver a negative representation that extends to the janitor and the cleaning itself, then to the BSC and the industry as a whole,” according to Julie.


“Appearance is of utmost importance,” Julie says. “What I share with our team is perception is reality upon entering a work area to clean if you offer quality staff, equipment and high-quality supplies. When these ingredients are used, there are no questions on the standard of cleaning to be performed. When occupants walk in and see a well-stocked cleaning cart that looks well maintained, they assume that extrapolates itself out to other parts of your business. The foundation of CleanSmart is based on integrity and professionalism which creates a higher standard of cleaning within our organization and the industry in general.”


Julie’s infamous quote to her staff is: “if you can't keep your janitor's closet or cart clean, how can you deliver quality cleaning solutions to the customer?”


“CleanSmart has a strict standard for all cleaning carts and our carts are designed to hold everything for each designated route. These components enable us to deliver a quality job and the desired professional look,” says Julie.


Appearance demonstrates professionalism, but health and safety are at the heart of a cart’s purpose and role in a janitorial program.



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